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About Us

TruGuard’s organic approach sets them apart from traditional security companies. They prioritize sustainable practices, minimizing their environmental impact while ensuring the highest level of security. By employing organic materials, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly technologies, TruGuard strives to
create a safer world without compromising the planet’s well-being.

Overall, TruGuard is a trusted partner for organizations seeking effective physical security solutions and comprehensive training programs. Their commitment to organic practices, combined with their expertise and innovative approach, makes them a leader in the field of physical security consulting and training.

Experienced & Resilient

Leaders in Organic Security Consultation

TruGuard is a leading organic physical security consultant group and security training academy that specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions and training programs. With a commitment to organic and sustainable practices. TruGuard offers a unique approach to ensuring the safety and protection of individuals, organizations, and assets.
As a physical security consultant group, TruGuard works closely with clients to assess their security needs and develop tailored solutions. Their team of experts conducts thorough evaluations of clients’ premises, identifies vulnerabilities, and designs robust security systems that encompass a range of measures, such as access control, surveillance, alarm systems, and perimeter protection. TruGuard emphasizes the use of organic and environmentally friendly materials and technologies in their security solutions, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.
training academy that specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions
and training programs. With a commitment to organic and sustainable practices,
TruGuard offers a unique approach to ensuring the safety and protection of
individuals, organizations, and assets.

The Founder of


  • Federal Law Enforcement Officer
  • 15 years United States Army 
  • 20+ Years in Security Management
  • International Security Specialist
  • Bachelor of Science in Corporate and Homeland Security w/ focus in Criminal Justice
  • Security Instructor (NYS)
  • Government Contracts and Clearance 
  • Executive Protection Agent 


Owner & Primary Consultant

We Deliver

comprehensive Assessments to Enhance Security

TruGuard is a testament to excellence as it provides the best organic in-depth security solutions. In fact, one of our key objectives is to maximize the security performance for our clients through evaluations and trainings. Our work expands into the realm of cyber security as the emergence of an interconnected world leads to higher security challenges.

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The Core Values

Our Foundation


TruGuard shows great emphasis
on maintaining transparency
to establish trust with
their clients.


The TruGuard team focuses on executing every aspect of their work with vigilance to deliver reliable results.

The Core Values

Behind Our Effective Service


TruGuard embraces civility by valuing all people and treating everyone with respect. From the janitor to the CEO, we carefully consider how our behavior and words impact others.


When working together for a common goal Truguard Security consultant will always come out on top as we know working together is more effective then alone and that means better results for our clients .


The leadership, management and staff at Truguard hold themselves to the highest level of responsibility and answerability to our clients, business partners, corporate stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate.


We know that hearing is a passive physical process, but listening is an active mental process that requires work. As a result, we strive to really listen to what our clients have to say while also they effectively communicating their point of view.
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